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Men’s Style Bloggers You Should Follow on Instagram

I love following style bloggers on Instagram for a daily dose of style inspiration. Here are my personal favorites that have their style game on point.

I love following style bloggers on Instagram for a daily dose of style inspiration! Whenever I see an outfit I like, I tap the “bookmark” button and have it saved for when i’m ready to shop for my clients. Getting inspired by other people’s looks will not only help you get excited about dressing better, but can also help you discover your personal style. Let me save you a lot of time by telling you who my favorite style stars are and you can pick your favorites.

Also, don’t forget to follow where I curate my favorite menswear looks from all over.

1. He Spoke Style

Photo Credit: Instagram: @hespokestyle

Brian Sacaw of @hespokestyle dresses to impress. What I like about his style is it’s practical and something you can wear to work and on the weekends. This account is great for a guy who likes a classic upscale style.

2. Blake Scott

Photo Credit: Instagram: @blakescott

LA’s own Blake Scott is a trendy guy who can wear everything from casual to dressy really well. He does a great job of incorporating prints, accessories, and the no-show sock look in his outfits. If you want some modern suit inspiration, @blakescott is your guy!.

3. Rules of Thumb

Photo Credit: Instagram: @rule_of_thumbs

Also LA based is J Fig of @rule_of_thumbs, who rocks casual-trendy and smart-casual to the T. This account is perfect for the guy who likes a splash of color in his outfits and isn’t afraid of fun prints. What I love about J Fig is he knows which colors compliment his skin tone and makes awesome outfits out of them.

4. Notoriously Dapper

Photo Credit: Instagram: @notoriouslydapper

Kelvin Davis is all about body positivity and, of course, dressing well. Straight out of South Carolina, Kelvin’s style can range from classic to fun, and shows you can look amazing if you dress for your body. There are no shortage of fun prints and easy clothing combinations in his Instagram account @notoriouslydapper.

5. I Am Galla

Photo Credit: Instagram: @iamgalla

It seems Adam Gallagher has travelled the world and dressed impeccably for each adventure. You can find anything from casual to dressy outfits in this NYC based fashion blogger’s account called @iamgalla, all accompanied with beautiful settings. This account is for the guy who likes classic looks, but doesn’t mind a twist here and there.

6. I Am Sapra

Photo Credit: Instagram: @iamsapra

Straight from London, Raja Sapra delivers effortless style through streetwear, smart-casual and dressy looks. What I like about his looks is he can get serious with a head to toe dressy look, but can also show you how to dress it down with fresh white kicks. There is no shortage of streetwear in his photos either, making @iamsapra perfect for the younger casual guy. It’s also great seeing diversity in the male fashion blogger world with Raja staying true to his roots by rocking a turban with all his looks.

7. What My Boyfriend Wore

Photo Credit: Instagram: @whatmyboyfriendwore

If you love business casual and dressy styles with a twist, you will love South Africa’s Sergio Ines’s accounts called @whatmyboyfriendwore. Dapper, colorful, smart, and gorgeous backgrounds can only start to describe his account. Sergio is the blazer master, making great combos with jeans, chinos and dress pants. The name “What My Boyfriend Wore” comes from his girlfriend at the time who loved documenting his outfits.

8. Magic Fox

Photo Credit: Instagram: @magic_fox

If you hit the gym more often than not, @magic_fox might just be the one for you. Daniel’s account is great inspiration for dressing for a built body. His looks include ripped jeans, leather jackets, sneakers and boots, which embodies his rugged style, but also includes the occasional dressy outfits. This account is for the guy who likes to keep things casual and rugged, but stylish at the same time.

9. The

Photo Credit: Instagram:

NYC’s Ben Brewster’s account,, is perfect for the guy who likes to keep it casual and minimal. Mostly wearing neutrals and sometimes earthy tones, Ben shows us clean lines and minimalist clothing combos can make a statement. Ben also throws in fun prints and dressy surprises to show you you can do it all! You will find plenty of ideas on how to make a t-shirt look stylish in this account.

10. Chris Mehan

Photo Credit: Instagram: @chrismehan

Chris Mehan is an excellent account to follow for guys who are just getting started in elevating their style. Whether it’s for work or weekend, he rocks casual, smart-casual, and business casual really well. @chrismehan gives us plenty of ideas for effortless and stylish color and clothing combinations.


Of course, you can follow where I share favorite looks from all the bloggers I follow all in one place. From casual to dressy, I love it all and make it easy for you to get inspired!

There you have it, my collection of male style stars I love getting inspired by on Instagram. What’s great about Instagram is once you follow an account, it gives you some suggestions on related accounts to check out. Click through and see if any others appeal to you and don’t forgot to bookmark your favorites!

Supreet is from San Francisco, CA. She is passionate about self-growth, healing, music, traveling and fashion. She helps people discover their true and authentic selves through healing and personal style. Check out to get styled or for self care guidance.

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