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Why You Need Dressy Sneakers

Want to know one of the smallest thing you can do appear more stylish? Swap out your running shoes for a pair of dressy sneakers that are equally comfortable and look 100x better looking. 

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How to Wear Burgundy Pants

If you have your basic blue, black and grey jeans covered… what’s next? Take a deep dive into the wonderful world of burgundy pants to add that perfect amount of flair you’ve been looking for!

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A Case for Fitted Pants

Guys, the easiest style mistake you can correct is wear pants that fit well. Loose and long pants can throw off your look by making you look short, while a well-fitted pair can make you look put together.

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Smart Casual Starter Wardrobe

Starting from scratch? Check out this foolproof formula to create the perfect base  wardrobe. These 19 pieces are the perfect base that will make sure you have something to wear for all of life’s occasions!

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Guide to Finding Your Body Type

Knowing your body type helps you shop smarter when it comes to finding what fits work and which prints and patterns compliment you. This guide will help you find your body type!

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Ultimate Guide to Boots

Get the A to Z on the most stylish staple every guy should own. Boots go with everything from jeans to slacks. Learn everything from how to wear them to how to care for them.

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Meet Supreet


Supreet Chahal is a Fashion Stylist based out of San Francisco, CA. She works with everyone from new grads to tech CEOs to help them develop a sense of style and create the wardrobe perfect for dating, work and play. She noticed there is a lot of information overload when it comes to men’s fashion and wanted to create a one-stop resource for practical style advice for the modern man. Join Supreet as she brings her 1:1 “teach a man to fish” approach to Pocket Stylist and helps men everywhere dress with confidence.

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