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Welcome! My name is Supreet and I’m a menswear stylist based in San Francisco, CA. I help men discover their personal style, shop smarter and dress like they’ve always wanted to. I created this blog to address the biggest concerns my clients have:

  •  How should my clothes fit?
  •  What do I need in my wardrobe? 
  •  How do I discover my personal style?
  •  How do I put outfits together?

Not sure where to start?


 So you’ve tried and tried to nail this whole style thing down, but still feel stuck? Well, we’ve got some amazing news for you: Supreet is taking her 10+ years of styling men and creating the first men’s styling course of it’s kind. The Style Game Plan is a well curated course that give practical and actionable advice such as:

– How to nail down your unique person style
– Figuring out your best colors
– Dressing for your body type 
– Where to shop
– How to put outfits together
– Where to wear what
… and so much more

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Check Out the Ultimate Guides...

Guide to Finding Your Body Type

Knowing your body type helps you shop smarter when it comes to finding what fits work and which prints and patterns compliment you. This guide will help you find your body type!

Ultimate Guide to Boots

Get the A to Z on the most stylish staple every guy should own. Boots go with everything from jeans to slacks. Learn everything from how to wear them to how to care for them.

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Meet Supreet


Supreet Chahal is a Fashion Stylist based out of San Francisco, CA. She works with everyone from new grads to tech CEOs to help them develop a sense of style and create the wardrobe perfect for dating, work and play. She noticed there is a lot of information overload when it comes to men’s fashion and wanted to create a one-stop resource for practical style advice for the modern man. Join Supreet as she brings her 1:1 “teach a man to fish” approach to Pocket Stylist and helps men everywhere dress with confidence.

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