So you’ve tried and tried to learn all about fashion and style, but still feel still stuck. It gets to a point where it feels overwhelming, stressful and not fun at all. It’s easier and safer to buy the same stuff over and over again, even if it doesn’t make you feel so great. What if I told you there’s a different way to approach style? It can be fun, easy and empowering. How you ask? With the right guidance…

Hi, i’m Supreet and I’ve been helping men and women discover their personal style and create beautiful wardrobes since 2012. My gift is seeing people for who they really and helping them show the world through their style. I’ve transformed hundreds of wardrobes that resulted in happy, confident, stylish, people who feel put together. Whats even cooler? Their lives take a turn for the better, they find life partners, attract opportunities, get noticed, accomplish their goals, have a spring in their step, and genuinely feel happy. Once they discover the power of investing in yourself, it sparks a desire to keep growing.

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Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.

Now, you must be thinking… “yeah, but you enjoy shopping and this whole style thing, I hate it.” As much as I enjoy shopping, my personal style journey wasn’t all rainbows and butterflies. In my 20s, I had a whole different way of thinking about style and shopping – buy whatever is trending, collect and collect, and take an hour to get ready, change my outfit a couple of times because I don’t love how it looks on me, and then at one point going for the simple all black look because it feels safe. You weren’t expecting the last part right? This feeling of overwhelm felt like I was doing something wrong and there had to be a better way. As I started styling clients, I was able to see closets as an outsider looking in. The same stuff was coming up. They didn’t feel like they had a personal style, they didn’t know what colors looked good on them, they didn’t know where to shop. However, once I stepped in, I was able to see people’s personal style from a few pieces they had, I could identify exactly what was missing and where they were going wrong, I was able to see what mistakes they were making. As I transformed wardrobes left and right, I realized I was performing the same actions over and over again… and voila, I had a system! I’ve been perfecting this system for the 10 years and it’s been not only an amazing journey for my clients, but for myself too.

What is my system?

  • I believe everyone has an innate style that needs help coming out with the right guidance, so that’s the first step!
  • I did all the hard work of studying color training and boiled it down to an easy 4 step system, so they know exactly what colors to go for
  • I teach clients how to shop smart by helping them identify what they need for their lifestyle 
  • I show clients how to effectively edit their closets, so they can create strategic shopping lists and save money
  •  My brand knowledge and renowned shopping skills teach them where to shop and how to get the best bang for their buck
  • My outfit making formulas helped create multiple looks out of the same pieces, so things felt fresh and new 
  • Show clients how to be self-sufficient in maintaining beautiful and curated wardrobes for themselves


Give a Man a Fish, and You Feed Him for a Day. Teach a Man To Fish, and You Feed Him for a Lifetime.

What did this result in?

  • Happy clients
  • Understanding my personal style
  • Fewer pieces
  • Wearing 100% of my wardrobe
  • Shopping smart
  • Knowing exactly what I need in my wardrobe
  • Looking put together and feeling confident

With my 10,000 hours of styling and shopping experience, i’ve boiled down all my important findings to a simple system you can follow at home.

COMING SOON in Spring 2023…

The Style Game Plan

A complete step by step system to achieving great personal style and creating a wardrobe to match, even if you have no clue about fashion.

In this course, you will:

  • Learn the empowering mindset behind clothing and style
    • Supreet teaches you a whole new way to look at style, which will take you from feeling stressed to being excited about creating the wardrobe of your dreams. Want to know the secret about trends? You’ll find out. 
  • Identify your very own personal style statement
    • Supreet believes everyone has an innate personal style that just needs a little help coming out. You will discover your personal style through fun and informative exercises that will build the foundation for achieving a timeless wardrobe. 
  • Discover your best colors
    • Some colors make you look amazing, while others simply don’t. Supreet will walk you through the tried and true system she uses on her clients to help nail down your best color palette. Never wear colors that make your skin look tired and dull again.
  • Understanding body type and fit
    • Fit matters. Supreet will help you identify your body type and which fits compliment you best. No longer worry if your pants are too big or long and if your shirts are too short.
  • Learn how to edit your closet and create a targeted shopping list 
    • Supreet will walk you through filtering your closet and making a strategic shopping list for pieces that belong in your wardrobe based on your personal style.You no longer will buy the same things over and over again, making your closet feel boring.
  • Learn shopping techniques that help you buy quality clothing
    • Supreet has shopped for hundreds of men and knows brands inside and out. You will get an exclusive list of all the quality brands she gets for her clients and tips on how to get the best bang for your buck. You will learn how to stretch your budget to maximum and why going for low quality pieces costs you more in the end.
  • Learn how to create outfits
    • Now we’ll put it all together! From unique color combinations to outfits based on your personal style, Supreet will walk you through taking your favorite pieces and building outfits that will wow.

At the end of this course you will have created a wardrobe that speaks to your personal style and is built to last. You will know exactly what you need to add to your wardrobe to make it feel fresh and new so it never feels boring.

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